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FRANK:  What's happening to me?  Why do I feel so strong, so free, so (pauses, takes out pills and looks at them) happy…no!  (Throws down the pills) These are but just a prescribed opium, a hallucinogen on reality…they blind me from the truth, which has NEVER been clearer, NEVER been more brilliant, NEVER been this enjoyable…but is the truth worth it?  (Takes out the engagement ring) To know how I truly feel about something?  (picks up the pills) For the truth, that hurts my beloved but sets me free, or for the suppressor that calms me down, pins me up against the wall of my mind, and allows me to go through life without questioning…but, wait.  Am I questioning now?  (Calls out) You hear me father?  Are you listening?  The alpha and the omega, the lord of all lords, the fucking hater-creator…can you feel it?  When one of your children bleeds for you?  CAN YOU FEEL ME (Pulls up sleeve, revealing cuts) NOW?!?!
"Frank's Monologue" is from a play I wrote called, "The Americans" which is about an upper-middle-class suburban family trying to deal with the expected ideals of the American dream...
callerofcrows Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Wow. Powerful.
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