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Emily:  I don't try and hurt you because I can…if that were true, this would all be so much easier.  No, I don't make you cry because I want you to...But because I don't want to.  Everyday there's another standard put up, a new bar set lower in a game of limbo where the bar might as well be two inches from the floor.  But the bar is also higher, not one of a game but of expectations!  My parents treat me like a dog, telling me what to do is like teaching me a new trick and if I try to run away they hold me back and yell, "Heel!" and as much as I try and break away the leash gets tighter and tighter with each pull.  I'm sorry…I'm going off, ranting on.  I don't know what else to tell you.  Maybe one day we can be friends, going behind the scenes and being nice but being ugly to each other's faces.  But either way, we'll always just be frenemies…
"Frenemies" is from the drama (currently in-progress) "Those Who Hear".
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January 1, 2012
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